As with all types of cat breeds in general, Persian cats are very susceptible to a number of health outcomes that are genetic or otherwise. For that we need to know how to care for a good Persian cat.

Many of these health problems are directly related to the facial structure of Persian cats, although these cats may also have genetic health problems that are not related to their physique.

It is very important to always pay attention to the health of the Persian cat, so that health problems can be recognized and treated early.

Meanwhile, for cat lovers who in fact have many cats at one time.

They must take steps to reduce the spread of health problems that occur from cat to cat.

Because, no one can say for sure if the cat they keep is completely free from disease or potential disease.

The Right Way to Take Care of a Persian Cat

How to care

As we know, this Persian cat is synonymous with cute and beautiful fur, so this cat needs special care to keep the cat’s fur beautiful and healthy.

You need to note, what is meant by “special care” does not mean expensive care for this Persian cat.

For more details, see how to care for a Persian cat below:

1. Clean the cat’s play environment

clean cat environment

Suppose that here you already have a special room for the cat, Well the next step is that you have to keep the room clean.

Whether it’s swept, mopped, or something else. And if the cat is put in a cage, then you also have to regularly clean the cage and wash it.

2. Prepare a place for food and drink for the cat

a place for food and drink for the cat

We recommend if you want to buy a cat food stall that is not too concave, because in some cases there are cats that have short tongues.

So, the cat will have difficulty reaching its food.

3. Start providing food for the cat

Start feeding the cat

If you catlovers want to see their beloved cat to be healthy, then there’s nothing wrong with giving the cat a suitable food.

And of course the food given must contain all the nutrients it needs.

So that your cat is always in prime condition. Or it can even make your cat’s fur grow beautiful and shiny.

4. Prepare a poop for the cat

poop for the cat

If you have prepared the sandbox as well as the sand then it will be easier. You just make an effort to always throw the cat’s litter out every few days.

And wash the sand once a week or replace the cat’s litter.

5. Bathe the cat

Bathe the cat

To bathe the cat, there is a special shampoo to treat cat hair.

Brands such as D&C Shampoo, Virbac Sebazole Cat Shampoo, Miconazole Shampoo, and Armani Flea Tick & Aroma Theraphy are 4 good shampoo brands for the cat’s fur.

If you have extra money, then we suggest taking the cat to the nearest pet shop for grooming.

Bathe your cat at least once a week if Meow is really dirty and once every two weeks is enough.

Bathing this cat is also one way to get rid of fleas on cat fur.

6. Provide vaccines

Give vaccines

For the vaccine itself, it is actually important not important, but for Persia itself, we recommend that you vaccinate according to schedule.

You can do this vaccine at a veterinarian’s office.

7. Caring for cat hair

Take care of cat hair

In addition to bathing the meow, combing cat hair is also one way to care for his fur.

Because cats themselves have the minimum ability to care for their own fur.

You can use a special metal cat comb, and comb it twice a day so that the Meow’s coat doesn’t get tangled and remains clean and shiny.

We recommend that you use a metal comb that is tightly packed, because it will keep the cat’s knuckle soft.

Before you comb it, first wipe your cat with baby wipes.

You need to know, if the baby wipes are ideal for treating Persian cats.

Because it can make cat fur smell good, and certainly won’t cause allergies because the formula for baby wipes is soft.

8. Invite the cat to play

playing with cat

Just like humans, this cat can also feel bored. And because Persian is a domestic cat, invite the cat to play together.

So that the cat remains active and does not feel bored.

9. Give a little free space around the window of the house

paint on window

The way to take care of the next Persian cat is by giving a little free space around the house window.


So that the cat can sunbathe. You need to know, catlovers, if sunbathing can help maintain the cat’s health you know.

And make sure your cat doesn’t run away!

10. Pay attention to the cat’s health

check cat's health

Paying attention to the health of the cat is mandatory for you to do. One way to increase a cat’s endurance is to be given the vaccine that we previously mentioned.

General Health Problems

General Health Problems

Common health problems that must be considered in Persian cats include the following:

  • Polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disease that affects one or both kidneys that generally starts showing signs when a cat is around 7 to 10 years old
  • Difficulty breathing and breathing problems caused by a flat nose
  • Eye conditions, including progressive retinal atrophy, bulging of the eyelids (cherry eye), and inward creases of the eyelids (entropion)
  • Excessive eye watering
  • Bladder stones and bladder infections
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, thickening of the heart muscle wall
  • Heart rot
  • Heat sensitivity

Because, basically, cats are animals that are very sensitive to disease. So, this needs to be done so that the cat lovers’ beloved cat continues to be healthy.