Murai Batu is a bird that has a high selling price. How to care for Murai Batu birds itself is not easy.

Because it is not uncommon for beginners to have difficulty caring for this bird. And if you don’t immediately learn the correct way, the Stone Magpie will get sick more easily and won’t even get hurt.

Here are 9 ways to take care of the Murai Batu bird so that it gets fast:

1. Bird condensation

condensation of the stone magpie

Every day before Murai Batu is bathed, it is best if Murai Batu is aired outside the house first, so that it can adjust to the surrounding environment.

You can wait up to 30 minutes or wait for Murai Batu to relax and calm down. Because if you immediately bathe Murai Batu you will be surprised.

2. Bathing the Stone Magpie

Bathing the Stone Magpie

Bathing is an important activity so that birds are clean, so that germs are not easy to attack. Murai Batu can be bathed by spraying it or washing it in its cage.

A healthy stone magpie can also be a factor that makes birds gacor.

3. Be diligent in cleaning the cage

Cleaning the Cage

In addition to body cleanliness that must be maintained, you also have to maintain the cleanliness of the cage, because if the cage is dirty it can also cause Murai Batu to become easily infected with disease.

Don’t forget to always clean the dirt on the floor of the cage and change drinking water every day.

4. Regulate Food Intake

Feeding the Stone Magpie

There are also rules for giving food, you cannot give any food if you don’t want Stone Magpie to get sick. Murai Batu bird food is very diverse, for example kroto, boiled eggs, crickets, cage caterpillars, grasshoppers, voer / poor, Hong Kong caterpillars, guppies, orong-orong fish, and worms.

You have to give the right portion, for example, for giving crickets you can give 5 tails. Excessive feeding can increase lust so that Murai Batu is lazy to open its beak.

If you have already given excessive feed so that the lust is over, you should first stop giving the feed and replace it with other feed such as bamboo worms or bumbung caterpillars which can neutralize Murai Batu’s lust.

You can also give a multivitamin 2 times a week.

5. Doing drying

Drying Birds

After bathing the Murai Batu should be dried in the sun again for about 1 hour, around 9-12 noon.

Make sure when sunbathing he does not hear or see other Stone Magpies.

Because Murai Batu is a bird fighter who is very aggressive and has emotions that quickly rise when he sees or hears other Stone Magpie sounds.

6. Condensation Before Birds Enter


After drying the Murai Batu bird again for 10 minutes.

7. Magpie Stone Pemasteran

Pemasteran Burung Murai batu so that it is gacor

In order for Murai Batu Gacor we must be diligent in practicing it. How to train it is by using other stone magpie birds that are gacor or by using recordings.

The right time to do pemasteran is around 11 am to 4 pm. No need to take 15 minutes, so the bird is not stressed.

8. Recognizing the Character of the Magpie

Recognizing the character of the Stone Magpie

The original habitat of Murai Batu is in the wilderness, where there are dense trees and many water sources, which are certainly cool and protected from the hot sun.

That way you can apply the habits and way of life of Murai Batu to your daily care.

The character of Murai Batu can be seen from the appropriate meal portions, when to eat Murai Batu, and others.

9. Creating an Environment Similar to the Original Habitat

Place the Murai Batu cage in the shady trees

Usually, chirping birds will be more gacor if the place they live in looks like their natural habitat. For example, there are trees and beautiful places, you can hang a Murai Batu cage in shady trees.

10. Maintenance Ahead of the Competition

take care of the stone magpie

When it comes to race day, the treatment of the stone magpie is a little different. You need to isolate the stone magpie at 6 days before the race, so that the birds get plenty of time to calm down.

In these 6 days of isolation, making a stone magpie when the race day will be challenged to sing because he is mentally stable.

You can also give crickets, which is extrafood for the stone magpie ahead of the race.

That is how to care for the Stone Magpie so that it is fast gacor. Happy practice!