Canaries (Serinus Canaria) was first discovered by the sailor from France, namely Jean de Berthan Cout, in the Canary Islands in the 15th century. Usually, canaries are divided into 3 types, namely body posture, feather color, and sound.

How to care for canaries is quite easy. For feeding, usually people who raise walnuts provide a mixture of fruit, vegetables, seeds, and additional or extra food (EF) feed, such as boiled eggs, etc.

In order for canaries to be diligent to sound, they need to provide the following feeding and care patterns:

1. Love enough feed

How to Take Care of Canaries for Gacor

You have to give enough feed, because if you overfeed it can have a negative impact on the appearance and health of the canaries.

In addition, excessive feeding will also make walnuts lazy to sound and make their bodies fat.

2. Routinely Provide Extra Fooding

How to Care for Canaries for Beginners

Apart from the main feed in the form of seeds, walnuts also need additional or extra food on a regular basis, such as fruits and vegetables.

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Additional feed can be served in a variety, for example with vegetables and fruit cut into small pieces and mixed together, then put in a separate dish.

3. Give Egg Food or Soft Food

How to care for everyday canaries

Egg Food or Soft Food is usually given to walnuts to increase stamina.

Egg food can be in the form of egg pieces that have been boiled and then hung in a cage or it can be in the form of boiled eggs mixed with other ingredients.

4. Give Green Leaves

Give Green Leaves

The provision of green leaves can be used as additional food from wild plants.

The leaves of purslane and noni plants are believed to be able to make walnuts sound clearer and more loose when chirping.

5. Bathing, drying and keeping the birds clean

Bathing Birds

How to bathe walnuts is very simple, just by spraying it or by using a small bath that is placed in a cage.

Dry the walnuts in the sun without giving them food, except for additional feed in the form of leaves.

The right time to dry the canaries is in the morning before 10.30. After the sun feels hot enough, remove the walnuts in a shady place, then add the seeds.

Furthermore, keep the cage clean, because a clean cage can keep the canaries from bacteria and parasites and mites.

Canaries infected with mites will not be able to sing properly, even to sound.

6. Give Additional Supplements

Give Additional Supplements

To complement the nutritional needs of canaries, you can provide additional supplements such as TestoBirdBooster (TBB) which can help birds to be loud.

7. Do the Pemasteran

Pemasteran Bird

Pemasteran can be useful for making the sound of a canary chirp more varied. Pemasteran should be done when the walnuts are very young.

Because at that time, walnuts tend to have a lot of time to learn the sounds.

8. Make Birds Comfortable

Make Birds Comfortable

Here are some conditions that can make walnuts uncomfortable, making them lazy to sound.

  • The location or place to hang the cage is often exposed to air pollution. For example, pollution that arises from smoke from burning garbage or motor vehicle exhaust.
  • Birds are often disturbed by other animals such as cats, rats or other predatory animals.
  • Birds are hung too often in places that are exposed to high winds or near from
  • Air sources such as fans, blowers, or AC compressors.
  • Feed and drinking water are not paid much attention, for example walnuts always lack feed or drinking water because the owner is lazy to replace or add feed or drinking water.
  • The cage is too dirty, so that it becomes a nest for bacteria or parasites which then infect the bird and cause it to rarely beep

9. Keeping More Than One Bird

Raising More Than One Bird

To fish so that the canaries sound more diligently, keep more than one bird at home so that the canaries are hooked to muttering.

10. Buy a Bird that Already Sounds

Buying Birds That Already Sounds

Many are interested in buying walnuts because the price is relatively cheap. However, caring for walnuts to be diligent takes quite a long time.

We recommend that you buy walnuts that have rang or are ready to beep with about 5-6 months of age.

That’s how to care for canaries, good luck!