How to marry a cat is actually not difficult, because naturally a cat that is ready to ‘fertilize’ will mate naturally with the opposite sex.

But if a cat owner wants to marry a certain type of cat in order to produce the desired offspring, how to marry him cannot be done carelessly.

Cat owners should also understand cat behavior before mating them, as they will definitely need some time to approach them for a match.

It is highly recommended to do this method when male and female cats are in heat.

Then, how do you do it? Here’s how:

1. Make sure the cat is in good health

Making sure the cat is in good health

It is a must if you want to marry a cat, your cat must be in good health.

If the cat’s condition is not healthy, then the male or female will not be ‘excited’ or experience lust. As a result, the chances of a successful marriage in between will fail.

Therefore, as a cat owner you must understand his condition before deciding to mate. A healthy cat is usually very energetic, has a heavy appetite, and meows loudly.

Now, if the cat is sick, do not ever force it to marry because it can be fatal to the health and success of the marriage.

2. Provide nutritious food

Providing Nutritious Food

If a cat owner is going to marry a cat, it is very necessary to provide good nutrition. Because this is very influential on the lust cycle in cats, especially the intake of vitamins and protein.

It would be even better if the cat was given food supplements every day. It’s less likely that your cat won’t eat.

Cats who are fed nutritious food will grow healthily, and will have a very good mood.

This will certainly encourage the cat to be in a good reproductive cycle, so that the chances of successful mating will be even greater.

3. Knowing the Cats Lust Cycle

Knowing the Cat Lust Cycle

It is important for cat owners to know the lust cycle in cats.

Male cats usually experience heat easily when they meet female cats. On the other hand, female cats do not give off the traits of intense lust like male cats.

In general, female cats can be ready for mating at the age of 5 to 9 months. Then for the physical characteristics that can be observed, namely having a weight of more than 2.5 kg. As for behavior, cats usually like to roll on the floor.

In addition, female cats also experience an increase in appetite. He will meow more often than before and also look more violent and spoiled to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

4. Set the Schedule for Marriage

Set a Schedule for Marriage

After knowing the period of lust, the next way is to arrange a schedule to bring together male cats and female cats.

So, it is best to record the time of each cat. After that the two cat pairs were brought together in one cage.

If the two cats are in heat, the cat will be easy to breed.

This is because lust has become a natural requirement for cats. Apart from that, breeding is also a natural cycle of living things.

5. Assisting the Mediation Approach

how to marry a cat that doesn't know each other

Mating a newly met cat also requires an approach process. The most appropriate step is to allow the two individual cats to get acquainted with each other first.

It is not recommended to immediately place them in the same cage.

If the two cats don’t get along, the cat may get into a fight. And if that happens it will actually cause injuries to the cat’s body.

So, it’s better to introduce it in advance for a long time. In order to form closeness between the two.

6. Put in one place

how to marry a fierce cat

Putting the two cats in one place creates a close relationship. This is best done in the morning around 8 to 9 o’clock.

The best way is to keep the male and female cats in separate but close places. The two cats will adapt to each other.

The ideal introductory time is around 3 to 4 hours each day. It’s best to do this regularly until the cats feel attracted to mating with one another.

7. Let the Cats Know Each Other

Letting the Cats Know Each Other

At the beginning of the introduction, usually female cats will look shy. After some time being brought together in close proximity, a change in behavior will occur in female cats.

Female cats will meow more often than usual and make a lot of more active movements.

Cat owners don’t need to worry about that. Just leave it until the female will calm down on her own. After calming down, it was a sign that he was getting used to the meeting.

8. Let the Cats Chase Each Other

Let the Cats Chase Each Other

When male cats become attracted to female cats, it is usually marked by chasing behavior. This shows that they love and are interested in marrying a female cat.

However, this does take a long time, so cat owners must be patient in waiting.

9. Separating for a while

Separated for a while

In the afternoon, you should separate the two cats, for example by placing a female cat in the house. It should be noted, you should choose a different room and cannot be found by male cats.

Then what about the man? Just let it be released in an open room (away from the cat tabby).

However, it also needs to be protected from the presence of other female cats so that there is no marriage with cats that are not the target of mating.

10. Recognizing the characteristics of cats that are attracted to each other

Recognizing the characteristics of cats that are attracted to each other

When a pair of cats is familiar with each other and already has a sense of attraction, they usually look for each other or attract each other’s attention. Now at this point the two cats are ready to mate.

At this stage the two cats will be close to each other. In fact, the pair of cats indulged each other until finally the real marriage took place.

11. Doing a Split Place Back

Doing Split Place Returns

After confinement, the cat must be reunited the next day.

If you find cats sighing at each other and male cats sniffing female kittens’ rumps, immediately put them in the same room.

Then give the cats time to mate naturally.

If there is a problem that arises when a male cat is having trouble marrying a female cat, for example because the tail covers up, you can help by raising the female’s tail.

After the cat mating is complete, do the separation again.

The goal is that the two cats are looking for each other. Then do the second meeting again at a later date.

12. Repeating Marriage in Period for 3 Days

how to marry a cat so that many kittens

Cats can mate 3 to 5 times a day. So, if you want a female cat to get pregnant immediately, you should do the method mentioned earlier for 2 to 3 times in a row.

You can continue to make meetings between the two cats until the female is pregnant.

How? Got it enough, right?

If you are interested in how to marry a cat, cat owners can do the above.

But remember, don’t let you marry them with full force.

Good luck getting offspring for your beloved cat, yes!