For lovers of snakehead fishing activities, there are actually several strategies so that the fish always grabs your fishing hook.

Given the type of fish this one can be said to be tricky and difficult to lure.

Apart from the right fishing technique, the selection of snakehead fish bait is also very influential.

So, if you still don’t understand which bait is the right one, fishing might feel in vain because the snakehead fish never grabs.

Natural Cork Fish Bait, The Most Effective and Most Effective

There are several recommendations for bait that can be used to lure snakehead fish. In general, these natural baits come from small animals.

Here are some snakehead fish bait that can be used, including:

1. Earthworms


Earthworms become natural snakehead fish bait which is generally used by anglers.

This is because most fish like earthworms, be it freshwater or saltwater fish.

So, fishing for snakehead fish with earthworms has a great chance of getting a lot of results. The interesting thing about earthworms is their fishy smell.

This smell will attract the fish to come closer.

In addition, the elongated body shape of the worm can move at the end of the hook while in the water, and it can also attract snakehead fish.

To get earthworms is also not difficult. Earthworms can be found in moist soil.

The advantage of using earthworms as natural snakehead fish bait, one of which is that there is no need to make a concoction. So you just need to put all parts of the worm’s body into the hook.

Anglers need to leave a little part of the tail at the end of the hook. So that when in the water, the tip of the worm’s tail will move.

Now, as explained above, it is the body movements that will attract the attention of the snakehead fish.

2. Frogs


Similar to using earthworms, frogs only need to be attached to the hook. The part that is attached to the hook is the back of the frog.

When using the frog as bait, keep it alive. The condition of this living frog can attract the attention of snakehead fish in the water.

The movements made by the young frogs that are still alive are why the fish can approach the bait

However, anglers must also be careful, because when a frog feels threatened, the frog will eject urine.

3. Grasshoppers


Grasshoppers are one of the foods preferred by snakehead fish. In addition, grasshoppers and snakehead fish have the same habitat, so it is not surprising that grasshoppers are effective bait for snakehead fish.

Grasshoppers can be found in various places. Usually grasshoppers hide in bushes and grass. Meanwhile, for its use as an effective bait, the body or rear tail is sufficient to attach it to the hook.

Grasshopper size also needs to be considered, you should choose a medium size. If the grasshopper is too big, snakehead fish will find it difficult to eat it.

Meanwhile, if it is too small, the snakehead fish will find it difficult to see so it will not grab it.

4. Crickets


Crickets can also be used as a bait option for snakehead fish. To be used as bait, it only needs to be attached to the hook without having to mix it.

Before starting fishing, squeeze the cicada’s body parts first to release fluid. This liquid will add appeal to snakehead fish. The attraction comes from the fishy smell emitted from the liquid.

In addition, the two crickets’ wings were also cleaned first. Because, these wings will reduce the appeal of crickets to snakehead fish.

Using crickets as bait also doesn’t cost much, you can even hunt crickets yourself.

5. Banana Leaf Caterpillar

snakehead fish bait

Caterpillars are categorized as pests for banana farmers. The presence of caterpillars can damage banana plants. So instead of becoming a pest and being eradicated, it is better for these caterpillars to be used as bait for snakehead fishing.

Installing this banana leaf caterpillar bait is not difficult, the caterpillar only needs to be attached to its body part to the hook. This caterpillar must also be alive.

6. Laron


Laron is a wood-eating insect. This animal can be said to be a pest. However, moths can only be found at certain times.

These insects will only come out when the rainy season has arrived.

An effective way to use moths for fishing is to hook several of them to the hook. This is so that the snakehead fish can see the bait, so that the snakehead fish will pounce on the bait moths attached.

7. Small Fish

Small fish

As is well known, snakehead fish are predatory or predatory fish.

This snakehead fish will prey on other small fish. So it should come as no surprise that small fish would be appropriate as bait.

8. Lizard


Animals that cling to the surface of this object all day long can be used as bait for snakehead fish. Lizard can be used immediately by attaching it to the hook.

In order to get the desired snakehead fish, the lizard must be burned first.

The smell that arises from the burning process will attract the snakehead fish to get closer. After that, the snakehead fish will eat the bait.

9. Orong-Orong

Orong - orong

This orong-orong animal has a shape similar to a cricket.

However, the difference is that the orong is longer. These animals are found in rice fields or dry environments.

10. Cockroaches


This animal, which is often considered disgusting, can actually be used as bait to lure snakehead fish.

The habitat of this animal is easily found around dirty places such as chicken coops, ducks, geese, goats and others.

Cockroaches as a powerful bait for snakehead fish can be used alive or dead.

11. Child Wasp

Wasp Child

Wasp cubs fall into the white caterpillar class, which can usually be found in wasp nests.

These small animals are usually a delicious meal for snakehead fish.

The trick is enough to hook the wasp child on the hook. Wasp pups can be used while still alive or dead. This wasp is also quite easy to find in the environment.

12. Gendon


Gendons are often referred to as termite parents. Indeed, this type of bait is a group that is very difficult to find.

If you want to get it, these animals are found in many salak trees. The gendon caterpillar is a good source of protein and also a great bait for snakehead fish.

13. Kroto


Kroto is popularly known as the ant child. Kroto ants are well known enough to be used as fish bait.

This includes fishing for snakehead fish in the pond.

Unfortunately, you can’t immediately turn these ants into bait. You have to mix it first by drying the Kroto until it looks like powder / flour.

14. Shrimp

natural snakehead fish bait

Shrimp is also a food that is preferred by snakehead fish. Therefore, it is not surprising that shrimp is often used as bait.

The interesting thing about shrimp as bait is its distinctive smell, especially fishy seawater shrimp.

You can try some of the snakehead baboon fish bait to get your luck.

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As well as being mostly easy to find, they are also easy to treat.

Actually, besides the bait above, there are still other alternatives, such as artificial bait from wood, toothbrushes, and others. However, using natural bait will be easier to get than making artificial bait.