As an animal lover, knowing the characteristics of a cat about to die is a must.

Changes in behavior and cognitive function of animal bodies are the most visible characteristics when animals experience something.

Before dying, the cat will usually show symptoms within a few days or hours. If you know the symptoms, the owner can accompany the pet without panicking.

Changes in a cat’s attitude can imply various conditions, such as experiencing stress, illness and even death.

In order not to misinterpret the symptoms shown, it is necessary to understand well some of the characteristics of a cat dying as follows:

1. Convulsions

the characteristics of a cat dying with convulsions

Like humans, animals also experience seizures when approaching their death. The seizure will be accompanied by an unstable eye condition and a foamy mouth.

Once in this phase, try to stay close to the cat so that it can go away in peace.

2. Experiencing Personality Changes

Experiencing personality changes

Nutrition is one of the factors that can help to increase the life span of a cat. In general, cats can live for about 17-20 years.

Symptoms that are often experienced by cats that are about to die are experiencing personality changes such as looking more depressed, changing urine color and so on.

3. Weight Loss Drastically

Weight loss drastically

A very drastic change in weight can be a sign that your cat is having problems with her body. Cats can die from illness or from a deadly virus.

For this reason, when the cat begins to lose weight, try to take it to the doctor for further examination. Especially if the weight loss is very drastic because the cat doesn’t want to eat.

4. Withdrawing and Losing Interest

Withdrawing and losing interest

When a cat is about to die, it will usually begin to lose interest in something, such as starting to withdraw from its environment, moving away from its pet and not wanting to have contact with other cats.

This will generally occur a day or two before the cat dies. When these symptoms begin to appear, try to stay with the cat until his life.

5. Watery eyes

Watery eyes

Generally, cats will cry when they feel pain.

However, it turns out that a watery cat’s eyes not only indicate that the cat is sick, but it can also be a sign that its organs are not functioning properly.

Even though it looks simple, this condition can endanger the cat’s life and can be a sign that it will die.

6. Experiencing vision problems

Experiencing visual disturbances

Cats that are about to die will experience problems with their brains, which will reduce their visual function.

The cat’s movements will begin to change, such as difficulty seeing walls, unsteadily walking and often bumping into objects around him.

7. Belly Looks More Distended

The stomach looks more distended

Changes in the condition of an increasingly distended stomach are a sign that the cat is having problems with its digestive system or is suffering from a very serious disease.

Some of the problems that often occur are the growth of tumors which can often be life threatening to cats. For that, pay close attention to the physical condition of the cat to determine its health condition.

8. Vital changes occur in the organs

There are vital changes to the organs

When a cat is about to die, its vital organs will undergo several changes. This is one of the things the vet will check first when the cat is brought in.

Symptoms of decreased vital organ function begin with abnormal heart rhythm changes, the cat’s body temperature becomes higher, the cat experiences diarrhea and unusual urine output.

In this phase, the cat must get immediate care from a doctor to feel comfortable and calm when it dies.

9. Experiencing Excessive Hair Loss

Experiencing excessive hair loss

Loss of cat hair is a sign that your cat has serious skin problems. However, if the condition occurs when the cat is very old, it can be associated with death.

Excessive hair loss can also be a sign that the cat’s body is no longer able to process daily nutrients from the food it consumes.

If this condition continues, it means that the cat will die in the next few days.

10. Looks lethargic and body odor

how do the characteristics of a cat want to die

When a cat is lazy to move and seems very lethargic, it means that it is in an emergency phase.

Especially when the legs are difficult to move. In this phase it’s best to place the food near the cat so they can keep eating without bothering.

In addition, when a cat’s vital organs begin to undergo changes or problems, toxins will appear that make the cat’s body smell. Not only from his body, but the roar of his breath as well.

11. Often Alone or Self-isolating

Often alone or in isolation

When the cat begins to disappear or is not in his place, it is a sign that he will die. Cats tend to isolate themselves or hide somewhere when they are about to die.

Usually this happens when death is imminent.

A few days before his death, cats tend to hide and choose to be alone because they are considered more comfortable.

12. Frequent Vomiting

Frequent vomiting

Vomiting is a sign that your cat’s body has a digestive infection and poisoning. Usually this condition is accompanied by a yellow discharge.

When these symptoms appear, take the cat directly to the doctor for the best treatment.

If it is not helped immediately, the cat can suffer from serious illnesses or even die.

13. Avoiding the Social Environment

Avoid the social environment

Generally, cats are social creatures who like to interact with each other.

However, if suddenly the cat starts to withdraw and avoid the social environment then it is suspicious. This is a symptom that he is experiencing health problems.

In this phase the cat will tend to be more silent and unwilling to establish contact with the environment or its owner.

14. Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is a sign that the cat has a problem with his body such as being sick or dying.

The lower the condition of the cat’s decreased appetite, the more dangerous the condition.

Try to keep giving food and drink when these symptoms appear.

This is done so that the cat wants to keep eating. If nothing changes, it’s best to take the cat to the doctor for further treatment.

15. Tooth Loss

the features of the cat will die

When the cat starts to lack interest in eating, over time it will experience tooth loss.

This is the most obvious sign that the cat is seriously ill or is dying.

16. Changing Cognitive Function

the physical characteristics of a cat about to die

When a cat experiences mental changes or suddenly feels confused about the surrounding environment, it is necessary to watch out. This can be a sign that the cat has decreased brain function.

The toxins that have accumulated in the cat’s body will affect their cognitive function so that they can cause several changes such as liver disorders, disorders of interest / behavior, and so on.

Usually this condition occurs a few days before the cat dies.

If you find the characteristics of a cat about to die, don’t panic immediately, take your pet cat to the doctor for further examination.

The presence of the owner with the cat will make him calmer and happier at the last minute.