The health of pet cats is very important, if your cat is sick, you will quickly find a way to treat your beloved cat.

Sick cats can be caused by many things such as being exposed to viruses, bacteria, worms, fungi, and external wounds.

Even though you have always tried to maintain cleanliness and take good care of your cat, it could be that your cat has a disease.

But don’t worry, here are some ways to treat cat weakness, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, flu, and don’t want to eat that you can do yourself before taking him to the doctor.

1. Give Pure Honey

Pure honey

If a cat has a cold and fever, you can give him pure honey to treat the disease.

Pure honey itself is believed to be able to treat colds and flu that attack cats, because pure honey has various kinds of ingredients that are good for health.

In order for the cat to drink it, you should first mix pure honey with sugar water or additional flavor.

2. Give Fresh Coconut Water

fresh coconut water

As we know, coconut water has various ingredients that are very beneficial for humans.

However, these properties are not only for humans, because it turns out that fresh coconut water also has benefits for pets such as cats.

This young coconut water can be used as a natural remedy if a cat experiences vomiting, fever or fever, poisoning, weakness, doesn’t want to eat, sticks out its tongue frequently, sleeps all the time, and much more.

Apart from being used as medicine, fresh coconut water can also be given to healthy cats.

Because in the young coconut fruit there are various ionic content that can meet fluid needs, maintain immunity, and kill various bacteria.

3. Give Raw Chicken Egg Yolk

how to treat a sick cat with egg yolk

If your cat has the flu, is lethargic, is inactive, sleeps frequently, has no appetite, and is too thin, don’t panic and there’s no need to rush him to the doctor.

Because these various problems can be overcome yourself at home by giving raw chicken egg yolk.

Chicken egg yolks contain high fat and protein, which can help treat problems in cats.

So that cats want to eat raw egg yolk, you can mix it in cat food.

If the cat still doesn’t want to, you can give it using a dropper.

4. Give VCO Oil

vco for cats

VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) or young coconut oil has various ingredients such as vitamin E, various types of acids, and antibiotics that can be used to cure various diseases in cats.

VCO oil itself is usually used to treat cats with external wounds, such as bruises, abrasions, fungal attacks, and flea attacks.

In addition, VCO oil can also ward off various bad bacteria in the cat’s body thanks to its antibiotic content.

So there is nothing wrong if you regularly give VCO oil to your favorite cat.

5. Give a multivitamin

cat multivitamins

When a cat is sick, of course, he needs a variety of nutrients for his body.

To help him, you can give the cat a multivitamin before deciding to take him to the doctor.

In addition to treating sick cats, multivitamins are also able to provide a high immune system in cats if given regularly.

6. Give Clean and Mature Drinking Water

how to treat a sick cat with diarrhea

Drinking water has a big enough role for the health of your cat at home, both in a healthy and sick condition.

If your cat is experiencing pain such as diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, dehydration, etc., you should check whether you are giving them clean drinking water or not.

Because there is a concern, the disease will come from drinking water contaminated with bacteria or viruses.

Therefore, you should provide clean and boiled drinking water, don’t forget to clean the drinking area regularly.

7. Give special cat milk

Powdered Cat Milk

If the cat has no appetite, is weak, and so on, there is nothing wrong with giving special milk for cats.

You can easily get special milk for cats in various petshop closest.

Cat milk itself has various nutritional content and also taurine which can prevent and treat various diseases.

With the many ingredients, there is nothing wrong with giving cat milk regularly when healthy.

8. Give Brown Rice Porridge

Brown rice porridge for cat medicine

Brown rice porridge is proven to have various nutritional and nutritional content that can help cat’s immune system and can speed up the cat’s recovery process.

You can get brown rice porridge by buying instant one at a shop or by making it yourself.

9. Give Dry Food

Cat food

By providing proper nutrition, the cat can quickly fight off the disease.

The nutritional content contained in dry cat food can be an alternative for treating sick cats.

To make it easier for cats to eat, you can mix dry food with a little warm water and crush it until it’s a little soft.

10. Warm the cat’s bed

warm cat bed

Apart from the aspect of food and drink, you also have to pay attention in terms of the place where the cat sleeps.

Because not a few cats get sick due to the damp bed so they are exposed to viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Therefore, heating a cat’s bed can be an effective way to treat a sick cat.

Warming cat beds can be done by adding some thick cloth on the cat bed.

Apart from that, you can also add a light bulb to add warmth to the cat bed.

11. Give ORS

diarrhea medicine for cats

If the cat experiences vomiting and diarrhea, you can treat it by giving ORS.

You can make your own ORS by mixing sugar and salt dissolved in water.

Besides that, you can also easily get special ORS for cats that you can buy at petshop closest.

12. Give Raw Food

cat raw food

Cats that experience pain and weakness may be due to lack of food and nutritional intake.

You can overcome this by increasing your intake raw food, namely foods that have a high protein content.

These foods include fish, chicken, olive oil, and many more.

You can mix the food in the dry cat feed in the feed container.

13. Give worm medicine

deworming dose for cats

Like humans, cats can also get worms, especially kittens or small cats.

The characteristics of wormy cats are usually thin, limp, inactive, and often sleep.

You can provide special worm medicine for cats that you can easily get at petshop.

14. Clean the cat cage

bunk cat cage

Paying attention to the cleanliness of the cat cage can also help cat treatment speed up.

If the cat is caught vomiting in the cage, you should immediately clean the vomit and spray it with a disinfectant.

This is useful so that the bacteria in the cat vomit is lost and does not return to attack the cat.

15. Take it to the vet

cat doctor

If you have done the points above for a few days and are not showing good results, you should immediately take the cat to the vet.

That way, your sick cat will be treated well.

After reading and understanding all the ways to treat sick cats above, now you don’t need to feel excessively anxious anymore.

Please practice the various ways to cure the sick cat above that are according to the conditions and needs of your cat.

By doing how to treat the sick cat, hopefully your beloved cat can recover and be healthy as before.