When a stray cat visits our house without being invited and he defecates carelessly, it is very disturbing. Even though cats are actually cute and adorable animals.

How to get rid of a cat varies depending on where the cat is. For example, when on the ceiling of the house, the method will be different from that on the terrace of the house.

Especially for people who are allergic and phobic to cats, an effective way is to do a way to keep cats from coming back.

Here are some ways you can use it.

How to get rid of a cat at home

how to get rid of stray cats

When a cat suddenly enters the house or just roams the area of ​​the house, it will certainly make you annoyed, especially for those of you who are anti-cat.

Finding cat litter is bound to be the most annoying thing.

So, the desire to get rid of these cats will automatically appear immediately.

The reflex that often arises is by waving at the meow while saying “hushh … hushh … there … ..”.

Initially this Meow will leave soon, but Moeng is not afraid if he wants to come or bother you again.

So that this meow does not come back home, then you must know some surefire tricks to get rid of him.

Below are a few a way to get rid of the cat from coming back.

1. Don’t give him food

Street Cats

The main attraction of the cat wandering around or even entering the house is because it has the smell of food that attracts him.

Even if you ever feed him only once, this meow will always remember so that he will always come to your house.

So the steps that you have to apply are closing home access, for example doors and windows. Not only that, you also have to close the trash cans tightly.

2. Eliminate food waste around the house

Eliminate food waste

The second way is usually the laziest to do. But this method is also very effective for repelling stray cats that are hungry for food you know.

By keeping your home environment clean, free of food waste, you will no longer invite stray cats to roam your home area.

3. Eliminate the traces left behind

The method to get rid of the next meow is by erasing traces. The meaning?

This means if a cat has had the chance to litter the floor or part of your house. Then you have to clean it.

If this happens, you must immediately clean the place with the dirt until it is clean and if necessary, add air freshener spray.

4. Install a cat-proof fence

anti cat fence

For those of you who have more funds, you can also put up a fence so that the Meow can no longer enter the house.

By installing a high fence, the meow will feel broken upon reaching the top, so that he will give up and will not hang around in your house anymore.

5. Spray water

Spray with water

This cat is very synonymous with the name waterproof. So, when you spray water on the meow who is caught entering the house, the meow will automatically run away.

So that your house doesn’t get wet with water spray, then you have to herd this meow to the yard.

Take the hose you use for watering the plants and spray it on the cat.

Do that every time the meow tries to come home until he doesn’t come home anymore.

6. Put a pungent scent

strong aroma

Not only is it waterproof, this cute animal is also very sensitive to various pungent scents.

So, you can take advantage of that weak point to be used as a tool to repel stray cats from the home area.

The bebauns that Meow really don’t like include: lemon, durian, orange, garlic, and also lemongrass.

Currently, several products have been sold repllent paint, where scent products to repel cats.

7. Using a mineral water bottle

Put water in the bottle

You can use a mineral water bottle to keep the stray cat away you know. Because this cat will think if the bottle is water, so he will avoid it

8. Sprinkle pepper


The cat’s nose is also very, very sensitive, so you can take advantage of this by sprinkling pepper so that the meow doesn’t feel at home in your home area and will soon leave.

9. Putting special plants on the lawn

coleus canina

Because the meow’s nose is very sensitive, it is also advisable for you to plant one of the plants with an aroma that this meow hates.

The plant is coleus canina, pennyroyal, rue, as well as lavender.

There is no need for land or a place to plant the above plants, just put it together with various other plants.

Not only effective at repelling cats, various animals and insects such as dogs and mosquitoes do not like the smell of the plants above.

How to get rid of cats on the ceiling of the house

how to get rid of a cat on the ceiling of the house

To get rid of cats that roam in the area of ​​the house or even get inside the cheap may be an easy job.

But it’s different if this meow has moved to the ceiling or roof of your house.

It could be that these cats will poop and some even give birth there. Hemmm.

But you don’t need to worry about that, because we will provide some tips or ways to get rid of cats on the roofs of houses that are unique and effective, of course.

Please pay close attention.

1. Put food down

Not only is it an attraction for meow to come home, you can also use this food as a tool to repel cats.

By the way you understand the access point of the meow that leads to the roof of your house.

If you already understand the Meow route, you can put cat food on that route.

While the meow is enjoying food along the route, then you can catch it using a sack.

You can also ask neighbors for help if you feel amused by this meow.

2. Turn on cat voice recording

There is a forum that states that this “meowing” imitation cat sound can be one of the next tools to lure meow down from the roof of the house.

When the meow hears the sound of the meow, this mpus will immediately respond by approaching him because they think that the sound is his friend.

The way to do this is quite easy, just by playing the recorded sound of the meow under the roof where the cat is so that it can be heard clearly.

And play it over and over again until the meow wants to come down.

3. Close the access to the roof

If this meow has come down from hiding, then it’s time for you to act by blocking access to the roof of the house.

In general, the Meow will use a less sticky tile as access.

Make sure if you have checked that the cat can’t come back again.

4. Crunch the cat gently

Try not to use stones, but by using objects that are quite soft. For example with paper bundles, sizable fruit seeds, or plastic bottles.

How to Get Rid of Pooping Cats

cat eek carelessly

The tips that we will provide next are how to get rid of the Meow who defecates in the open.

The existence of the wild meow around the house other than looking for food, namely removing the dirt.

The smell of cat litter is indeed very pungent and of course very disturbing the atmosphere of the home area or even the complex.

Well, in overcoming or preventing that from happening, then we can do several ways as below:

1. Put the stone

Place stones around the yard that the Meow frequently visits.

2. Put water in the bottle

Put water in the bottle

As we already know, this cat is synonymous with the name water repellent, so placing bottles around the house and yard will repel the cat.

This method is usually applied in the Japanese cherry country because it has very effective results.

3. Scary with a broom stick

Scaring with a broom stick

You can also use a stick broom to get rid of this meow.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hit him. You just need to swing the broom stick at the wall, floor or other object so that the stick makes a sound that can scare the meow.

4. Throw with a paper ball

Throw it with a paper ball

Using newspaper, then you wrap it using masking tape.

And taraaaa, those paper balls are ready to be thrown at the stray cats.

5. Spray with water

Spray water

Still stubborn too? Just spray the meow using water, but try not to get the water directly on the meow.

And not to forget, the thing that you need to apply in an effort to get rid of cats from the home area is by treating these cats as living creatures that we deserve to love.

Yes, although for some people this cat’s tingak is disliked because it interferes with peace and cleanliness, but we as humans still have to find methods to get rid of cats from the house without hurting them.

Do not let you throw or even hit hard or with hard objects.

That means we have persecuted and have wronged God’s creation. Don’t let it!

It took a long time for this meow to not come back to the house, so you also have to be patient to handle it.

Now there are many volunteers who want to accommodate this wild cat, you can submit or you can ask for their help to pick up the cats that often come to your home area.

That is the review we can give about how to get rid of cats that usually roam the area of ​​the house, hopefully this is useful.