Apart from having beautiful feathers, this canary also has a beautiful chirp. To get the maximum chirping / gacoran sound, then you must know the good canary food for their voice.

But besides that, you also still have to pay attention to how to care for canaries so that the bird can live a healthy life and can gacor more enthusiastically.

Because it will not be optimal if you have chosen a good type of canary but do not pay attention to the food, because it will not be optimal.

Actually, canary food is the same as bird food in general.

Even so, you can’t just be careless. Because this can have a big effect on the bird’s chirp. Where each type of food has a different role and purpose.

The following is a list of recommendations for canary food to quickly gacor:

1. Niger Seed and Fumayin

walnut feed brands

Niger or fumayin seeds have the property to increase lust in birds so they can quickly break down. Where these seeds are also a favorite food in canaries.

Not only does it make birds gacor, but these seeds can keep birds warm.

You can give these seeds to your menu every day. Starting from the morning, afternoon, and evening.

2. Mixed Grains

walnut food so that it is hard

Mixed seeds or often referred to as mixed grains is a combination of various grains such as walnuts, red and white millet, and egg food.

Providing this type of food has properties such as:

  • Maintain the vitality of the birds’ chirp so you don’t tire quickly.
  • Improve the digestive system of the canaries.
  • Increase the volume to make it sound louder.

Tips: To find out whether the seeds you have are quality or not, you can check them by soaking them. If the seeds sink with peeled skin and turn grayish in color, then you can be sure that the seeds you have are of good quality.

3. Apples

how to care for a canary

Apart from having many benefits for humans, apples also have properties for canaries.

Apples that have a high sour taste are very good for the growth of canaries. As well as efficacious to soothe the canary’s throat so that it can sing loudly and smoothly.

The way to serve it is quite easy, you only need to cut it into several pieces and then put it in the walnut cage.

Note: Make sure if the seeds are not served, because it contains cyanide poison which can be deadly.

4. Kroto

quick gacor walnuts drink

As we have seen, kroto is often served for various types of birds. But do you know, it turns out that Kroto is actually only for certain types of birds, including canaries.

If you have raised a canary from a young age, then you can train it to eat kroto. Because some canaries are shocked and dislike when given Kroto.

Serving it quite easily, you put it in a small container or immediately sprinkle it in the cage.

5. Young Noni Leaves

canary food

Noni leaves contain compounds that are able to overcome hoarseness of the throat in birds, so that the canary’s chirp can be heard more clearly and louder.

To serve it quite easily, all you have to do is wash the leaves and then put them in the cage.

Selection of young noni leaves also needs to be done so that the leaves are easy to digest because they have a smoother texture.

6. Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

You can give fresh vegetables to canaries as extra food or additional feed.

This food has benefits for maintaining the health and fitness of this canary so that it grazes quickly.

Some of the types of vegetables that you can provide include: water spinach, carrots, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage and seeds.

For the presentation itself, you can boil it first to make it softer. But don’t boil it for too long, because this can eliminate the vitamin content in these vegetables.

7. Hong Kong caterpillar

Hong Kong caterpillar

The Hong Kong caterpillar has a total protein content of 48%, so this food is widely used by chirping bird hobbyists to increase nutritional intake for their pet birds.

However, overfeeding this food can make the bird too fat and less agile.

Therefore, you still need to give the right portion.

The presentation is also not arbitrary. That is, the caterpillar must be in a dead condition by first dipping it in warm water.

This aims to dissolve chemical substances that can interfere with bird health in the water.

8. Quail Eggs

Quail eggs

Quail eggs are also rich in nutrients that are good for canaries.

Boiled quail eggs are believed to have benefits so that the bird can gacor optimally and increase the level of lust for singing.

For those of you who have fighting walnuts, feeding eggs that are rich in calories can support strenuous activities carried out by birds so they don’t get sick easily.

It is advisable to give only the egg yolk, because it contains nutrients and vitamins that are better for birds.

9. Biscuits and Baby Porridge

Biscuits and Baby Porridge

Baby porridge or biscuits have a fairly complete nutritional content, so you can give them to canaries.

This type of feeding is believed to make canaries gacor.

For serving it is very easy, you just have to put it in a container without mixing it with water. Meanwhile, you can soften the biscuits with water first.

10. Other Foods

bird food

Apart from some of the foods above, there are also several other types of food that you can give to canaries, including:

  1. Orange fruit
  2. Papaya fruit
  3. Red chili pepper
  4. Sawi
  5. Cabbage
  6. Ginseng leaves
  7. Gambas or oyong
  8. Lettuce
  9. Carrot
  10. Young corn
  11. Mustard seeds
  12. Cucumber
  13. White milet
  14. Red milet