There are 4 types of Persian cats scattered in the world. The Persian cat is a breed of domestic cat that has long hair and has a round face structure and a short muzzle.

The Persian cat looks very similar to a doll because of its characteristic hairy and large body shape.

This cat also tends to stay quiet when there are humans nearby.

For this reason, the Persian cat is one of the most popular cats kept by cat lovers around the world.


Affection LevelMedium-High
Friendly to ChildrenLow
Pet FriendlyLow
Exercise / SportsLow
Energy levelLow
Inclination to VoiceMedium-Low
Hair LossHigh

The following are some types of Persian cats that you can meet.

5 Types of Persian Cats

1. Persian Flatnose Cat

Persian Flatnose Cat

Persian flatnose has a small and short body size and is supported by medium legs, but looks strong and sturdy.

Characteristic Persian Flatnose Cat:

  • Its body is covered with long hair.
  • Both eyes have a size that tends to be small.
  • The ears have a relatively small size which makes all the limbs look harmonious.
  • Has a slightly triangular head shape, coupled with a fat body and makes this type of cat look very adorable.
  • Both her cheeks look cubby because they are affected by the size of her nose.


3 monthsNot VaccinatedIDR 5,000,000 – IDR 6,000,000
3 monthsVaccinatedIDR 7,000,000 – IDR 8,000,000
6 monthsNot VaccinatedIDR 9,000,000-IDR 10,000,000
6 monthsVaccinatedIDR 11,000,000-IDR 12,000,000

2. The Persian Peaknose cat

Peaknose Persian cat

Actually, the peaknose type of Persian cat is not much different from the flatnose. However, you can see the difference by looking at it from the side of your face.

From there we will see the cat’s nose clearly. Because, in the Peaknose breed, the cat’s nose will look very flat and there are no protrusions at all.


3 monthsNot VaccinatedIDR 6,000,000 – IDR 7,000,000
3 monthsVaccinatedIDR 8,000,000 – IDR 9,000,000
6 monthsNot VaccinatedIDR 10,000,000 – IDR 11,000,000
6 monthsVaccinatedIDR 12,000,000 – IDR 13,000,000

3. Himalayan Persian cat

Himalayan Persian cat

In contrast to other Persian Jenie, this Persian Himalayan cat has a distinctive pattern, namely the colorpoint. This means that the basic color of the fur is a color combination in the form of small dots on the nose, tail, ears, cheeks, or the tips of the feet.

And this cat is not fond of climbing or jumping, because he is afraid of heights.

This also causes the Himalayan meow to have a calm, spoiled, obedient nature, prefers sleeping, but still likes to play.


Types of CatsAgePrice
Persian Peaknose Himalayan Long Hair Cat4 monthsIDR 3,000,000
Persian Himalayan Flatnose Cat2.5 monthsRp1,000,000
Male Persian Himalayan Cat11 monthsRp1,000,000
Himalayan Seal Point Persian cat3 monthsIDR 650,000
The Original Himalayan Persian Cat2 monthsRp1,000,000
Female Himalayan Persian cat2 monthsIDR 650,000
Himalayan Medium Persian Cat3 monthsIDR 850,000
White Puppy Himalayan Persian Cat2.5 monthsRp1,200,000
Persian Himalayan Kitten3 monthsRp1,000,000
Persian Mix Himalayan cat2.5 monthsRp1,300,000
Persian Himalayan Mix cat3 monthsIDR 850,000
Himalayan breed Persian cat1 yearRp1,000,000
The Peaknose Extreme Himalayan Exotic Persian cat1.5 YearsRp2,200,000
Persian Himalayan Short Hair3 monthsRp1,800,000
Persian Himalayan Kitten, Blue Point Female2.5 monthsIDR 800,000
Himalayan Persian Cats Already Vaccinated1 yearIDR 2,500,000

4. Medium Persian Cat

Medium Persian Cat

As the name implies, this type of Persian cat has a moderate nose size. You can see it is a little bit prominent.

There are two types of medium persia, namely the shorthair and longhair.

However, both types have dense fur and relatively small bodies.


1 monthNot VaccinatedIDR 800,000 – IDR 1,500,000
1 monthVaccinatedIDR 1,000,000 – IDR 2,000,000
6 monthsNot VaccinatedIDR 500,000 – IDR 1,500,000
6 monthsVaccinatedIDR 500,000 – IDR 2,000,000

5. Persian Cat Mixed Cat Village

Persian Cat Mixed Country Cat

The characteristics of the Persian cat mix village cat can be seen from one type of cat. Can be seen from the fur (usually it will be easier when seen from the tail).

Or it can be seen from the color of the eyes (if the eyes are yellow and black then it can be ascertained if the cat is a mixture).

The price for this type of cat ranges from IDR 100,000 – IDR 3,000,000 (depending on the type and condition).