Not much different from other cat types, how to care for bobcat is not too difficult, you only need permission from the government first.

Because of course we will be more comfortable when the cat we care for is tame and does not act wild.

The following are some ways to care for bobcats

1. Have a permit

Have a Permit

The first is to have a license to raise a bobcat. This first method is one of the main reasons why only a few people want to keep the bobcat.

Because, they must be bound by the agreement to maintain it.

If you have a license to raise wild animals, then you will avoid legal problems.

Because, as mentioned above, there are special regulations governing it.

Namely stated in Law PP No.7 of 1999 and also Law No.5 of 1990 concerning the protection and growth of animals in Indonesia

That is the reason why you must have a permit to raise bobcats.

2. Maintain since childhood

Maintain Since Small

Because the nature of the jungle cat is quite fierce and also wild.

So if you intend to keep a bobcat in an adult state, then of course it will be difficult to keep it.

Therefore, you should raise the cat from an early age or when the cat is still in the care of its mother.

Thus, we can control the cat’s growth and development.

3. Choose a Trained Cat

bobcat care

Well, if you want to keep an adult bobcat, then it’s best to keep a trained bobcat.

Thus, you no longer have to train or tame the cat.

4. Feeding

feed the bobcat

When you raise the bobcat, then you can’t immediately give it packaged food like cat food in general.

You have to adjust the food as well as in the forest, one example is giving meat food.

At first glance we will think it’s expensive, but you also have to accept the consequences. The price of a bobcat is quite expensive, so its maintenance will also be expensive.

But take it easy, you can also reduce your consumption of meat from wild cats.

By mixing the meat combined with packaged cat food, but gradually.

Until the bobcat really wants to leave meat as its main food ingredient.

5. Provide a special place

special place

You need to know, bobcat is a nocturnal animal (active at night).

Because, when night falls, we cannot fully control what the bobcat does. So, we should not place the bobcat from a place that is prone to danger.

You may be able to use the yard behind the house, or you can also provide another special place for your pet cat.

6. Always Check Health Conditions

jungle cat conditions

Although the forest cat comes from the forest. This does not mean that forest wild animals will not be susceptible to disease.

You also have to routinely bring the cat to the nearest clinic or pet shop so that the wild animal can be vaccinated.

Control what your cat eats, because food errors in the bobcat can result in the cat’s health being disturbed, or it could be that the cat will be poisoned.

Apart from food, you also need to control the environment of cats. Starting from cleanliness, be it the cage or the food.

In essence, everything that has to do with direct contact with the cat must be well controlled.

7. Forest Cat Food Choices

After you know how to care for a bobcat, it is no less important to know the right food to give to the bobcat.

Food for forest cats should not be arbitrary, this is because forest cats are wild animals that are accustomed to living in the open.

Actually, there are important ingredients that you should know to be able to meet the basic nutritional needs of the cat. Look at the following picture:

bobcat food

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By looking at the picture above, you will find out what composition you need to give to the bobcat.

However, there are also some people who have their own recipes for giving their pet bobcat food.

Some say that this jungle cat can also be given the same food as other pet cats.

But there are also those who say that it is better to provide food in the form of boiled meat or raw meat for forest cats.

In this case it is actually fine, however, it would be better if you give jungle cat food with meat that has been mixed with food paint packaging.

This in itself will be able to help provide complete nutrition and is needed by the cat’s growth and development.