Betta fish or fish named Latin Betta Sp is one of the ornamental fish that has extraordinary beauty. Because of its beauty, many people want to have this betta fish even at the most expensive price.

In addition, this fish is also very easy to maintain and very easy to find in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia.

Because the betta fish is a tropical fish species that lives in swamps with a body size of only 5 cm.

With its tough character, betta fish can be maintained even if only in a jar and without using other special equipment. They will still be able to survive in it.

Betta fish also have an additional breathing apparatus called a labyrinth. This additional inhaler serves to take oxygen directly from the air.

Thus the betta is able to survive even in conditions of lack of oxygen.

Because Betta fish are a tropical species of fish so they cannot live in very low temperatures, they will die if the temperature is too low.

So that they can live well, it is better to place them in a place that is warm enough.

Betta fish are also very aggressive ornamental fish. They are known to fight each other to defend their territory.

So if you keep this fish, don’t mix one betta fish with two betta fish especially with other ornamental fish.

Betta fish are classified into two types. The first is ornamental betta fish, this fish is only enjoyed by its beauty.

The second is the fighting betta fish, apart from being a decoration this fish is also suitable to be pitted because of the very aggressive nature of the fighting betta fish.

Of the two types of betta fish, there are betta fish that are the most expensive in Indonesia and even the most expensive in the world. This time we will discuss the most expensive betta fish in Indonesia.

There are many types of betta fish in Indonesia, but basically, betta fish are only grouped into two types, as explained earlier.

Here we convey the types of ornamental betta fish and the most expensive complaints in Indonesia:

1. Kachen Worachai Betta Fish

Kachen Worachai

This type of betta fish is a type of betta fish that is sold at the most expensive fantastic price in the world, which is sold for IDR 20,000,000 which is sold in Thailand.

Thus the Kachen Worachai Betta fish is a record for sales of the most expensive Betta fish in the world.

Actually the name of this fish is not the Kachen Worachai betta fish but the owner of the most expensive fish in the world is named Kachen Worachai, so many people call it the Kachen Worachai Betta Fish.

This fish is sold at high prices because the color of this fish resembles the national flag of Thailand.

2. Fancy Betta Fish


Fancy betta fish also taste from Thailand, because there are a lot of good fighting fish from that country.

This betta fish has short fins like that of the plakat betta fish. But for the color factor, this one betta fish has a more diverse and very beautiful color, unlike the plaque betta fish.

In addition, the color of this betta fish is a combination of several colors that resemble a painting.

This is the uniqueness and characteristic of fancy betta fish and not owned by other types of betta fish.

On the market there are fancy betta fish with different prices depending on the age, size, beauty and agility of the fish. Here is a list of prices for fancy betta fish:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Fancy Betta FishIDR 100,000
Adult Fancy Betta FishIDR 300,000
Broodstock Fancy Betta FishIDR 350,000
Champion Fancy Betta FishIDR 2,000,000

3. Betta Fish Plaque


Plaque is a name that comes from Thai, namely Plakad which means fighting. So plaque betta fish is a fighting betta fish.

Although this fish is included in the fighting betta fish, this betta fish is no less beautiful and beautiful than other betta fish.

The plaque betta fish has an attractive appearance with a large and handsome body.

Plakat Betta fish have short, blunt fins and tail with the scales of this type of betta fish which tend to be dark and inconspicuous.

So if you choose this plaque betta fish as a fighting fish then you have found the right choice.

Because besides this fish is a fighting fish, the movement of this fish is very aggressive when there are enemies approaching it.

This fish entered Indonesia in the 2000s which was introduced to counter the booming flower horn fish.

This plaque betta fish was first introduced in Indonesia by Henry Gunawan, Joty Atmadjaja, and Hermanus.

On the market, there are plaque betta fish with different prices depending on the age, size, beauty, and agility of the fish. The following is a price list of the Plakat Betta Fish:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Puppy Plaque Betta FishRp60,000
Adult Plaque Betta FishRp150,000
Broodstock Plakat Betta FishRp180,000
Champion Plaque Betta FishIDR 2,000,000

4. Double Tail Betta

Double Tail

Double tail betta fish or often referred to as forked betta fish or double-tailed betta fish which are unique in their tails, namely having two tails that are split into two or double tails.

The double tail looks so pretty, beautiful, and charming to make anyone feel at home to see it. In addition, this betta fish also has the same base of the dorsal and anal fins.

A good type of double tail betta is a fish that does not have a gap or distance between the three fins, namely from the anal, caudal and dorsal.

And when fully expanded, the entire fin will form a single unit in the form of a symmetrical whole circle.

However, this type of betta fish is very difficult to breed, so it is very difficult for this type of betta fish to be found on the market.

However, there are still some ornamental fish traders who provide this type of betta fish, although not many. The following is the price of double tail betta fish according to age, size, beauty, and agility of the fish:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Double Tailed Betta FishIDR 50,000
Adult Double Tail Betta FishIDR 100,000
Broodstock Double Tail Betta FishRp120,000
Double Tail Betta ChampionRp1,200,000

5. Halfmoon Betta Fish


This type of betta fish is often referred to as half moon betta fish because this fish has a symmetrical tail fin that resembles a half-moon shape.

The half-moon-shaped tail looks very pretty, beautiful, and enchanting. Even when these Betta fish move, they display their elegance that will make anyone want to see it.

The beauty of this halfmoon betta fish is not only visible in the tail and fins, but also in almost the entire body of the Betta fish.

Not only that, the colors of the halfmoon betta fish are also very diverse, which certainly has its own beauty in the eyes of betta fish lovers, both ornamental and complaining.

The halfmoon betta fish itself is a fish originating from Thailand and is also the result of cross-breeding carried out by an American breeder, Peter Goettner, around the 1980s.

Halfmoon betta fish have also been cross-bred with plaque betta fish and the results are halfmoon betta fish.

This fish entered Indonesia about 10 years ago and immediately received a positive response from the fish market in Indonesia. The development of this fish in Indonesiapun is growing very rapidly.

On the market, there are halfmoon betta fish at different prices depending on the age, size, beauty and agility of the fish. Here is a list of prices for halfmoon betta fish:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Betta Fish Halfmoon PuppiesIDR 40,000
Adult Halfmoon Betta FishRp80,000
Broodstock Halfmoon Betta FishIDR 100,000
Champion Halfmoon BettaIDR 500,000

6. Crown Tail Betta

Crown Tail Betta

This type of betta fish is often referred to as the serit betta fish because this fish has a distinctive tail fin like a comb or even looks like a torn sail.

There are two types of serit betta fish, namely serit single and serit dauble or double serit.

This serit betta fish originates from Indonesia and is the result of cross-breeding carried out by Indonesian breeders.

This type of betta fish is bred by native Indonesian breeders in the Slipi area, Jakarta.

The beauty of this crown tail betta fish has indeed been recognized by the world and this fish has also been competed at the IBC (International Betta Congress).

On the market, there are crown tail betta fish at different prices depending on the age, size, beauty and agility of the fish. The following is a price list of the crown tail betta fish:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Betta Fish Crown Tail PuppiesIDR 15,000
Adult Crown Tail BettaIDR 40,000
Broodstock Crown Tail Betta FishRp60,000
Champion Crown Tail BettaIDR 300,000

7. Betta Slayer

Betta Slayer

Many ordinary people do not know that this slayer betta fish is the result of a cross-breeding of halfmoon betta fish and serit betta fish.

This cross-breeding has resulted in a new type of betta fish which has become a trend in schools.

The students bought this slayer betta fish to compete with other slayer betta fish belonging to their friends.

In the market there are slayer betta fish at different prices depending on the age, size, beauty and agility of the fish. Here is a list of prices for the slayer betta:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Betta Slayer PuppiesIDR 25,000
Adult Slayer BettaIDR 50,000
Broodstock Slayer Betta FishRp80,000
Betta Slayer ChampionIDR 300,000

8. Giant Betta Fish


Giant betta fish also come from Thailand, these fish are often found in rivers and lakes in Thailand.

As the name suggests, giant betta fish have a large body shape. In fact, their body size can reach 2 to 3 times the size of a typical Betta fish.

With its large body, this giant betta fish is very suitable to be used as a fighting betta fish.

This betta fish was first bred in 1999 by Mr. Athapon (Uncle Sala) and his son Mr. Natee who is the owner of Diamond Fish Farm.

On the market, there are giant betta fish at different prices depending on the age, size, beauty, and agility of the fish. Here is a list of prices for giant betta fish:

Types of Betta FishPrice
Giant Betta FishIDR 20,000
Adult Giant Betta FishIDR 50,000
Giant Betta BroodfishRp80,000
Champion Giant Betta FishIDR 200,000

9. Complaint Betta Fish


In general, fighting betta fish are full pressed body or slender. If you pay close attention there is a smooth hollow from the end of the body to the side of the stomach.

The body of this Betta fish has small but thick scales with fine and tight tail fin fingers. The fingers of the large fins are prone to fungi, especially when the fins are injured.

The lips of this fighting betta fish are thick and have a forehead similar to arowana fish. His personality is low profile or relaxed but very alert.

This model betta fish is often a cruel king when on the battlefield. Her cruel nature was in stark contrast to her beautiful and dazzling body color.

They will finish off the enemy without mercy. Sometimes their fight ends in the death of their opponent.

That’s all we can say about the most expensive type of betta fish in Indonesia, even the most expensive in the world. Hopefully the information in this article can be useful for all readers. Thank you 🙂