Kacer birds (Copsychus saularis) has a characteristic black and white fur. Kacer birds also have a sweet and loud voice.

The kacer bird has various types, and each type has a different chirp sound, ranging from the Javanese kacer, blorok kacer, and the teacup kacer bird.

How to care for this kacer bird is also unique or not the same as other birds, for example canaries and lovebird birds.

Here is how to care for a kacer bird so that it is gacor.

1. Condensation

How to Take Care of a Good Kacer Bird

Usually the condensation is done in the early morning, around 03.00-05.00. How to do this is very easy, just open a little skeleton and let it air out for 5 minutes. After that you can open the entire skeleton and let the bird undergo the process of self-condensation.

2. Shower in the morning

How to Take Care of a Moult Kacer Bird

How to bathe it is quite easy, just spray water on its body using a spray or you can also spray it directly from outside the cage.

3. Dry the birds after bathing

How to Take Care of a Kacer Let It Go

Before drying the birds must be aerated for 10 minutes, then drying the birds in the sun for about 2 hours.

4. Indulgence

Kacer Bird's Praying

Pengumbaran aims to stabilize lust and can increase the bird’s stamina so that it remains in prime condition, do it for about 10 minutes.

5. Give food in the morning

Give Feed in the Morning

For feeding in the morning, you can give 3-5 grasshoppers. It is better not to give too much feed to birds, because it can make birds lazy to sing.

6. Fishing Rod With Other Birds

Fishing Rod With Other Birds

You can fish your pet bird with the sound of other kacer birds, or by using audio voice from cellphones. With the aim that the kacer bird will practice singing.

You can train it in approximately 2 hours.

7. Afternoon Shower

Also bathe in the afternoon

Apart from bathing the birds in the morning, you also have to bathe the birds in the afternoon, so that the birds feel fresh, clean, and healthy.

8. Give feed in the afternoon

Evening Feeding

For feeding in the afternoon, you can compare it to the amount of feed in the morning. This aims to prevent the bird from feeling hungry.

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9. Give the bird a break

Give the bird a break

After the maghrib call to prayer, you can immediately visit the kacer bird cage, so the birds can rest.

So that the next morning the birds will have the vital energy to sing and return to their activities.