Diarrhea is an unpleasant disease for anyone, including cats. You need to know that diarrhea is an early symptom of various diseases.

So if your cat has diarrhea, immediately treat it so that nothing unwanted happens.

This diarrhea is a non-specific symptom which means that it is a common thing experienced by cats.

You also need to know what causes cat diarrhea and how to treat it.

Here we explain what causes cat diarrhea and also how to treat it. So watch this article carefully.

Causes of cat diarrhea

Causes of cat diarrhea

There are several causes for cats to experience diarrhea, usually from the food they eat, viruses, or bacteria.

In addition there are also several other causes that cause your cat to have diarrhea, including the following:

1. Low Quality Food

For those of you who don’t want your cat to experience diarrhea, you must always pay attention to their food intake.

Their food intake must be in accordance with a balanced nutrition and you should never give food of low quality.

This will cause your cat to experience diarrhea. Of course you don’t want this to happen.

Therefore we suggest looking for hygienic cat food with balanced nutrition. Usually foods that are nutritionally balanced have the AAFCO label.

AAFCO Labet is a label that verifies that the cat food meets the nutritional requirements of a balanced or minimal diet for cats.

2. Eating Rotten Food

Some cats will eat anything they can find. They can even get into trash cans and eat whatever is in them.

After the cat eats the food in the trash can, they will usually vomit and have diarrhea.

Thus, you have to protect the cat from trash cans or other rotten food.

You also need to keep other inedible items out of reach of the cat to keep the cat’s digestive system healthy.

3. Allergies and Food Intolerances

Like humans, cats can develop food allergies and intolerances.

In many cases, food allergies and food intolerances are at the root of diarrhea that is chronic and can last a long time.

This cat allergy can develop if the tabby cat is fed the same food every day.

A sign that a cat has an allergy is overall good health, except for the allergy to the diarrhea.

So as a good owner, you also have to pay attention to your favorite cat down to even the smallest details.

4. Milk

On social media, there are many adorable photos and videos of kittens licking milk from their bowl.

But in reality not all cats have the enzymes needed to break down milk sugar, especially cow’s milk.

Giving your cat milk from another animal can put them at higher risk for secondary digestive tract problems such as vomiting to diarrhea.

5. Unclean Drinking Water

Unclean drinking water can also cause diarrhea in cats, such as sewer water, used washing water, toilet water, standing water, and so on.

We recommend that you limit the cat’s play area so that it is easy to keep an eye on him.

6. Parasites

Cats can also have diarrhea because of the parasites that enter their bodies through infected feces and contaminated water.

The diarrhea caused by this parasite is usually quite short. Although brief, diarrhea can cause very serious damage if not treated properly.

Symptoms of this parasitic infection can also be seen internally, such as vomiting, anemia, and diarrhea.

This can make the cat more susceptible to other infections. Especially kittens, so you have to make precautions before it’s too late.

7. Viral / Bacterial Infections

Usually people often refer to infections caused by viruses or bacteria as simple stomach problems.

However, this infection can potentially be far from simple and can even lead to severe vomiting and diarrhea.

This infection can also cause the cat to experience extreme weight loss and dehydration.

This infection can heal on its own in about 1 week, but you also have to treat your cat so that no unwanted things happen.

8. Kidney / Liver Disease

These detoxifying organs such as the kidneys and liver are very important for a cat’s health.

When there is something wrong with the liver or kidneys, it may be that diarrhea will be one of the first symptoms to develop.

But vets also won’t diagnose kidney or liver disease in cats just because they have diarrhea.

9. Unstable Weather

This unstable weather not only disturbs human health but also causes cats to experience diarrhea.

These extreme weather changes can make a cat’s immune system decrease so that it is susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

10. Cat Stress

Stress is not only experienced by humans, but cats can also experience it.

When cats experience stress their immune system will usually decrease and eventually get sick, including diarrhea.

Because one of the effects of stressed cats is not wanting to eat and also sleep continuously. That’s what caused his health to decline.

By understanding the causes of cat diarrhea, you will be able to prevent this disease from attacking your favorite cat.

How to treat cat diarrhea

How to treat cat diarrhea

If you have been feeding with balanced nutrition, supervising and caring for your cat well, but your cat still has diarrhea, we will tell you how to treat it.

Here are some ways to treat cat diarrhea:

1. Changing the cat’s food

If your cat has diarrhea due to a food allergy or intolerance to low quality food or food, we recommend that you change your cat’s diet.

But if the cat does not like this new type of food, you can give it gradually and not immediately give it all.

2. Provide Additional Fiber

When your cat has diarrhea, give him food that contains 3% or more than 3% fiber.

Because fiber is very easy for the cat to digest when he has diarrhea. This can facilitate digestion in the cat’s stomach.

3. Give Tempe

Give your cat a natural food like tempeh. Because tempeh is believed to be able to treat cat diarrhea effectively.

Boil the tempeh first before giving it to the cat so that the bacteria in the tempeh die.

4. Adequate Water Consumption

Like humans, cats also need enough water every day so they don’t become dehydrated.

Because dehydration can also be one of the triggers for the emergence of diseases in cats such as diarrhea and other diseases.

5. Animal Specific ORS

ORS is quite effective in curing cat diarrhea. Because ORS is specifically for reducing excessive frequency of defecation.

You can make ORS at home by dissolving sugar in water. However, if you don’t know the dosage, you should be able to buy ORS specifically for animals available at pet shops.

And don’t forget to read the rules on the ORS package so that it fits the recommendation.

6. Antibiotics

If your cat has diarrhea because it is caused by a virus or bacteria then you can add antibiotics to the food that the cat eats.

Antibiotics are believed to be effective in curing cats with diarrhea.

7. Multivitamins

You can also give a special multivitamin for cats if your cat has diarrhea.

This multivitamin can also be given when your cat is healthy. Because multivitamins can prevent various diseases that can attack cats, including diarrhea.

Multivitamins work to fight viruses that cause pain in cats. In addition, multivitamins can also be used to strengthen the cat’s endurance.

You can get this multivitamin at pet shops or supermarkets at quite affordable prices.

8. Anti-Diarrhea Drugs

This anti-diarrhea drug is a drug that is recommended to treat cat diarrhea. However, there must be supervision from a doctor so that it is not dangerous.

Koalin pectin is the safest anti-diarrheal drug we recommend to treat your cat. Give 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of the cat’s body weight.


Conclusion of cat diarrhea

So the cause of cat diarrhea is from the food and drink they consume, parasites, viruses or bacteria, kidney or liver disease, unstable weather, and also cats stress.

And how to treat it is quite easy, namely by changing the food they consume, providing adequate water, additional fiber, tempeh, ORS, antibiotics, multivitamins, and anti-diarrhea drugs.

By understanding the causes and ways of treating cat diarrhea you will know better what is best for your pet cat.

Question and answer

What is diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a disease in which the stool or stool turns soft or even watery which usually occurs at least three times in 24 hours.

What are the causes of cats experiencing diarrhea?

1. Low Quality Food
2. Eating Rotten Food
3. Food Allergies and Food Intolerances
4. Milk
5. Unclean Drinking Water
6. Parasites
7. Viral or Bacterial Infections
8. Kidney or Liver Disease
9. Unstable Weather
10. Cat Stress

How to treat cat diarrhea because of its food?

The trick is to change the food gradually.

How to treat cat diarrhea due to viruses or bacteria?

Provide antibiotics for cats.

How do you strengthen the cat’s immune system?

Give your cat a multivitamin.