Cat hair loss is one of the problems often faced by cat owners. This can occur due to various factors.

Actually, when a cat experiences hair loss, it is natural. However, if the amount is excessive, of course you must be careful.

In addition to making hair stick around the area of ​​the house, cat hair loss will certainly disturb the comfort of those around you.

Moreover, some symptoms of hair loss can be the beginning of the cat being attacked by various diseases. For that it must be clear what the cause is.

Causes of Cat Hair Loss

There are several factors or conditions that cause cat hair loss. By knowing the cause, it will be easier to solve it.

Here are some causes of hair loss in cats.

1. Food Allergies

Food allergies

Not all types of food can be consumed by cats because this one animal can be said to be quite sensitive. Some types of food can cause skin damage and hair loss.

Excessive salt content in food can cause significant loss of cat hair.

2. Hormone Disorders or Are Taking Certain Types of Drugs

Hormonal disorders or are taking certain types of drugs

Not only humans, cats also have a system that regulates the formation of hormones that occur in their bodies. Hormonal abnormalities in cats can cause hair loss.

In addition, consuming certain drugs can also cause side effects on your cat’s coat. If this happens, you should reduce the drug administration or stop it first until the hair is no longer falling out.

3. Allergy to Fleas and Mites

hair loss due to fleas and mites

Mites and fleas are the main enemies of furry animals. This parasite is able to live under the surface of the skin, so it can cause an itchy effect that can disrupt the health of the cat’s body.

When the skin feels itchy, the cat will scratch it often. This is what ultimately makes the cat’s hair fall out often. Perform routine maintenance to remove parasites such as mites and fleas.

4. Changes in Temperature are Too Extreme

Temperature changes that are too extreme

Changes in temperature that are too sudden can interfere with the maximum growth of cat hair.

For that, pay attention to room temperature well to suit the cat’s needs. That way the cat’s health and comfort can be guaranteed.

5. Stress


Cats are easily stressed animals.

This can be caused by various factors such as environmental conditions, emotional ties with the owner, fear and so on.

When cats are stressed, their fur will tend to fall out easily.

6. Nutritional Deficiency

cat hair loss and skinny

Nutritional intake is very important to maintain the health and condition of the cat’s body. Feeding in accordance with the nutritional composition needed by cats needs to be considered properly.

If it is not fulfilled properly, then the cat will be malnourished and have an impact on the condition of his coat that is easy to fall out and experiences various other disorders.

7. It’s Time to Fall

It's time to fall out

Cat hair has a period of shedding which is quite reasonable, which is about every 6 months. If hair loss occurs during this time, it means that it is a common thing.

The shedding occurs to replace old hair with new ones so that the condition remains smooth and soft. In this phase, the loss that occurs is not serious and there is no need to worry because it will stop on its own.

8. Fungal infection

cat hair loss due to fungus

Cat hair is the main location where fungus grows, because conditions tend to be damp. A

however, the growth of the fungus may not be visible until it turns into patches of hair on the skin, or begins to be marked by the loss of hair in the cat.

This condition must be treated by a doctor immediately so that it does not affect the cat’s health. To avoid yeast infection, make sure to keep the cat’s body clean and kitten. Especially after being bathed.

9. Using Unsuitable Shampoo

Using unsuitable shampoos

Every animal has a different skin resistance level to shampoo products. For that the selection of shampoo must be done carefully and thoroughly. Choose the type of shampoo that is most recommended.

This is important to do to prevent skin irritation and loss of cat hair.

How to Overcome Cat Hair Loss

While hair loss that occurs is still in the normal category, some of the simple ways below might help reduce the bad condition.

However, if the loss is in the abnormal category, take it to the doctor for further examination.

Proper handling makes the loss can be overcome more optimally. Look at the cat’s medical history so you can find the cause early on. Here are some ways to deal with cat hair loss.

1. Care for the cat’s fur

Treat cat fur

The easiest way to deal with hair loss in cats is to do routine maintenance. Some of the treatments that can be done include the following:

  • Make sure the cat is comfortable and not under stress.
  • Give him nutritious food.
  • Give adequate and appropriate vitamin intake.
  • Give the cat enough affection by often playing with the cat and taking it out for walks.

2. Combing the cat’s fur

Combing cat hair

Regular combing of the cat’s fur can provide various benefits such as eliminating mites and fleas and accelerating the cat’s metabolism. Use a special comb to comb cat hair.

When combed, the cat will feel like a massage. This activity is able to have a positive impact on the health of the skin and coat of cats.

In addition, combing activities is also able to close the emotional connection between the owner and his pet.

3. Trim Cat Fur

Trim cat hair

The condition of a cat’s coat that is too thick at risk of experiencing a higher loss. For that when the condition of the cat’s coat starts to get thick, try to trim it little by little.

This is done so that the hair is not too long, it will minimize the loss that might occur.

Use special scissors so that the pruning is done with sterile tools and the cat’s health condition can be maintained.

4. Change the shampoo according to the cat’s skin type

Change the shampoo according to the cat's skin type

The best shampoo for cats is one that doesn’t contain a lot of detergent. For that, pay attention to the composition of cat soap before buying it.

Detergents can cause itching and irritation on your cat’s skin, which can lead to hair loss.

Various types of cat shampoo are sold with different advantages and features of each. Apart from the price, the composition of the shampoo is very important to consider.

That way the cat can have thicker hair and is not easy to fall off.

5. Change the type of food that cats eat

cat hair loss why

If the cat’s hair is losing due to food factors, then change the type of food that the cat normally consumes.

There are various variants of food products sold at the pet shop. Make sure to know the proper nutritional content for your cat so that its nutrition can be fulfilled.

Various nutritional content is needed by cats to maintain optimal health.

That way the cat’s hair can also be well maintained and does not fall out easily.

By understanding the causes and ways of dealing with cat hair loss, pets can be more preserved in appearance and health.

This does not only affect cats, but also the people around them.