Before you plan to adopt a cat, we recommend adopting a vaccinated cat.

And even after you take care of it, you need to vaccinate it regularly. This vaccine aims to build a cat’s immune system so that it is protected from various types of dangerous diseases.

If you feel unfamiliar with this vaccine, then you should immediately consult your trusted veterinarian.

But before you do that, it’s good if you also know the basics about cat vaccines, starting from the type to the price.

This is one of the important things for you to pay attention to so that it will make it easier for you to take care of your pet meow.

Basically, giving this vaccine really depends on the circumstances of the meow itself, because each type of vaccine has its own use and function.

For more information about vaccines, see the following reviews.

Types of Vaccines

cat vaccine type

1. Tricat Vaccine

The Tricat vaccine functions as a cat antibody in preventing your meow from attacking the disease or virus Feline panleucopenia, Feline rhinotracheitis, and Feline calicivirus.

And it is priced between Rp. 80,000 to Rp. 200,000

Before you do this type of vaccination, it would be better if you do a general examination first at the vet.

After you give this vaccine, then proceed with giving worms medicine.

This vaccine is the first vaccine that will be given to Si Meow at the age of 8 to 10 weeks.

2. Tetraca Vaccine

Tetracat vaccine is useful as a vaccine to keep away from attacks of Feline panleucopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Felina calicivirus and also Clamydia.

Well, to the vaccine for the meow This is indeed at first glance similar to the tricat vaccine, but the difference is that its function is slightly different from the tricat vaccine.

In the process of giving the tetracar vaccine, it can also be said to be the same as Tricat, but in the tetracat vaccine there is no deworming when the meow reaches 12 weeks of age.

Tetracat Vaccine Price

For the price itself, we can say that it is actually quite expensive, starting from Rp. 170,000 to Rp. 200,000.

If you have a veterinarian acquaintance, of course you will be charged a slightly sloping price, hihihi.

3. Rabies Vaccine

This vaccine is for 20 week old cats

Not only attacking dogs you know, rabies can also attack your beloved cat if you don’t take good care of it.

Because the rabies virus will attack the meow’s immune system and can infect anyone who interacts directly with infected meow.

If your beloved meow is infected with rabies, then it’s best if you wear gloves so you don’t get saliva or even get bitten by the meow.

Immediately take the meow to the vet if rabies is detected to be given proper treatment as soon as possible.

Cat Vaccine Price


1. Stage I Tricat

This vaccine is given when the cat is 8-10 weeks old. The function of this vaccine can protect cats from the dangers of Feline Panleucopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Feline Calicivirus. The price of the first phase vaccine starts from Rp. 80,000 – Rp. 200,000 depending on the type of drug given.

2. Stage II Tetracat

The vaccine in stage two has the same function as the previous vaccine, except that there is one addition, namely protecting against the Clamydia virus. Do this phase two vaccine when your cat is 12-14 weeks old. Prices start from IDR 170,000 – IDR 200,000

3. Stage III Rabies

The rabies vaccine can treat affected cats and prevent rabies. Give your cat the rabies vaccine when your cat is 20 weeks old. The price is around Rp. 0,000 – Rp. 100,000

Not only vaccines are given based on age, but sometimes there are also some cat lovers who give vaccines for meow based on taste and type.

Actually, giving this vaccine to the Meow does not only look at race and type.

But the vaccine for Meow is what makes the difference is the brand of the vaccine itself.

All you need to know

This doesn’t really need to be done. Because the vaccine is not determined by the breed or type of the cat itself.

However, this vaccine is given according to the needs of the Meow where it should not be a burden to the cat owner himself.

Even though giving vaccines at a fairly affordable price does not mean that cheap vaccines are not effective.

The vaccine also still has a function, but again and again what distinguishes it is only the brand or brand of the vaccine for the pet itself.

It doesn’t mean that if you keep the meow from the Persian or Angora race then you also have to give vaccines at a high price.

Thus the review about the cat vaccine this time, hopefully it can add information for you guys.