Please note, cats are obligate carnivores. Which means, you need to provide meat or fish food for your Persian cat.

Not only that, cats also need various intakes such as protein, fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins for cats for their endurance.

So that we can conclude if, meat and fish are foods that are quite right for the Meow.

Because both types of food contain protein and fatty acids, as well as taurine and arigin, including amino acids that are good for cat health.

Eating cats is not all the same as humans!

Often times we see many people who feed cats with rice and salted fish, but this is actually not recommended.

This is because rice is not Meow’s favorite food.

You should also know that if cats cannot eat vegetarian (although there are some cats who are fond of vegetables), they still have to include their intake of protein and amino acids from meat and fish.

Organic Food for Persian Cats


The following are some types of Persian cat food that you need to know, including:

1. Cheese


Cheese turns out to be one of Meow’s favorite types of food you know. Especially for medium type Persians. In this cheese contains protein and vitamins such as vitramin B2.

But not all types of cats like cheese guys, there was persia that was not suitable and palah made him diarrhea.

2. Fish


This fish is a favorite food for the 2 month old Meow. protein and amino acids contained in fish are good for the growth of the meow.

However, giving too much fish will make the vitamin E needed by cats not fulfilled.

So, it is better if you give fish food 2 times a week. In order, the nutritional balance of the Meow can be maintained.

3. Meat


Because cats are carnivores, meat is one of the best foods for meow.

4. Dry and wet food

dry and wet cat food

Dry and wet eating in pet shops is often an option for those of you who are looking for instant or ready-to-eat food for the cat.

Usually the pet shop owner will recommend which food is right for your cat.

Food Brands for Persian Cats

Food Brands for Persian Cats

The following are some brands of food sold in pet shops for Persian cats, including:

1. Royal Canin

  • The price of IDR 60,000 (400 grams) – IDR 1,100,000 (10 kg).
  • Famously suitable for Persian cats that live in Indonesia.

2. Pro Plan

  • Price IDR 320,000 (3.18 kg).
  • For a thin cat.

3. Friekies

  • Price IDR 67,000 (1.1 kg).
  • The price is quite cheap.

4. Whiskas

  • Price IDR 70,000 (IDR 1.4 kg).
  • Almost the same as friekies, but with a softer texture.

5. Me-o

  • Prices are IDR 63,000 – IDR 70,000 (1.5 kg).
  • It is rarely used by cat lovers, because there are some Persian cats that are not suitable for this food brand.

How to Feed a Persian Cat

How to Feed a Persian Cat

The following is how to feed a Persian cat, pay close attention!

1. Prepare an adequate lunch box

If the box that you are big is good, what is important is not too small. Try to be accessible by the meow.

2. Dry or wet food?

Which one is good? Just try it! Usually, if the cat is given dry food from the beginning, the cat will prefer dry food.

So you just put it in the lunch box

Try getting wet? Okay.

But remember, separate it with a dry food box, if the Meow doesn’t like wet food, then keep it in the dry food place. Whoa can it be the meow palah so you don’t want to eat.

3. Put the food in the middle of the dining area

This is so that the food is easy to reach by the meow. Because, if you put it on the side, it will be difficult for meow to reach it.

4. Little by little

Yups, do not need to direct a lot. Because, the Meow is very hungry and very full quickly.