The classification of cats is divided into several factors to form several categories.

At first glance, maybe all cats look the same, but if you look carefully there are several differences that make this species look unique and different.

No wonder cats are the most popular animals to serve as pets.

In addition to being adorable, cats have excellent adaptability, so they can form an emotional bond with their owners.

Cat Anatomy

cat anatomy

Morphology of cats

Cats have a variety of shapes, but the average cat has a body length of about 25-40cm depending on the breed.

Cat colors are also very diverse, ranging from white, brown, dark black, and so on.

The fur that is owned by cats is sometimes also very vulnerable, so you will find cat hair on all sides of the house where the cat is active.

Cats have a distinctive mustache. This whisker is located under the nose and cats have about 3-6 whiskers which have an average length of 1-1.5cm.

The function of a cat’s whiskers is as a means of filtering feces from entering the nose.

The cat’s tail is also unique, which is rounded and elongated. Cat tail lengths from 5-8cm.

Classification of Cats by Type

Based on the type, cats are classified into several types.

Each type has a physical form and has different features. This is the reason why so many people like to keep cats.

Here’s the information:

1. Munchkin


Munchkin is a cat that has tiny feet because the front looks shorter than the hind legs.

This cat has a small body size but has very long and thick fur.

The weight of this cat is generally around 4 kg. This cat breed is still fairly new and when it first appeared it was often controversial.

In the past, this cat was thought to have a health condition that could endanger its owner due to its different physical form.

But over time it has been proven that this cat is quite popular and much liked because of its cute and active behavior. This breed of cat is adaptable and looks very adorable.

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2. Persian

Persian cat classification

This type of cat breed is certainly no stranger to pet lovers.

The Persian is the most popular and well-liked pet breed. As the name implies, this cat comes from Persia and has been popular since the 17th century.

Their cute and adorable physical form makes this cat breed into the second most popular cat category in the United States. Persian has thick and long fur like a doll.

His round face and small ears are the hallmarks of this one cat. Persians are known as cats that tend to be lazy and shy, especially towards strangers.

However, this cat has a calm personality and is easily managed by the owner.

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3. Bengal

bengal cat classification

This cat is already very popular among designers because it is considered very exotic.

The Bengal has a fairly large body and is a combined breed of feral cats and domestic cats.

With this cross, this cat has a unique and unusual physique. The Bengal has a slender body with resort fur so its appearance looks very elegant.

This cat has a habit of jumping and has active movements so it is fun to play with.

No wonder this cat is loved by pet lovers and likes to be bred with other types.

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4. Sphinx


The Sphinx is a type of cat that has a fierce appearance without hair.

Some people may find this cat breed looks a bit strange and terrible because it has no fur.

But there are also some people who are fascinated by their different looks.

If you pay attention to the details, this cat actually has very short hair. The feathers are usually scattered on the ears, tail, legs and so on.

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5. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a cat that weighs up to 8.2 kg so it looks giant. This cat originates from the United States and is the oldest cat breed in the country.

Despite having a fierce and large appearance, this cat has a friendly and gentle demeanor.

Maine Coons are nicknamed as great hunters because they are easy to train and have a fit and healthy physique.

This animal has the characteristics of a cheerful and fun, so it is easy to adapt to other animals. This cat is able to form a close emotional bond with its owner.

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Classification of Cats Based on Their Scientific Name

Not only based on type, but the classification of cats can also be categorized based on other categories.

Cats are the most popular animals and are often kept as pets. This species has quite diverse and interesting characteristics.

This is what makes the classification of cats more diverse over time.

The breeding process is carried out to produce new types.

Here are some types of cats based on their scientific names.

Scientific ClassificationBinominal name
SpeciesF. Silvestris

1. Class: Mammals

Mammal Class

Within the scope of the class, cats are included in the category of mammals and vertebrate animals.

Female cats are called mammals because they have mammary glands that are capable of producing milk in their bodies and can be given to their children.

Mammals are the names for animals that feed their young. When still a baby, the mother will provide nutrition to her child through the milk it produces.

2. Kingdom: Animalia

Kingdom Animalia

Cats are living things that are included in the kingdom Animalia.

All types of animals are classified and included in the kingdom Animalia. Animalia are organisms that have multicellular complex cells.

3. Genus: Felis

classification of cat genus

Felis is a genus of cats in the felidae family. Members of the genus gelis consist mostly of small cats with certain characteristics.

In this genus there are various types of cat breeds, ranging from domestic to wild cats.

Cats consist of various breeds that are unique.

No wonder this animal is often bred by cross-breeding so that it can produce new, more unique and charming breeds.

4. Family: Felidae

Felidae family

Based on the classification of its family, cats are included in the felidae. Animals that are included in the category of carnivores generally belong to this family.

The classification of the felidae family not only covers small cats, but several species of big cats such as tigers and tigers are also included in this family.

This family has been found since 40 years ago and until now it has experienced quite a lot of extinctions.

5. Species: F. Silvestris

felis silvestris cat classification

In terms of species, cats are included in felis silvestris. Each cat breed has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Felis silvestris is a wild cat breed that usually lives in a residential area.

Wild cats are included in the predatory species that are small and live freely in various environments. This cat has the ability to climb and catch prey very well.

6. Phylum: Chordata

Phylum Chordata

Phylum chordata is a group of animals which includes invertebrates and vertebrates. Cats are included in the phylum chordata because they are included in vertebrates or animals that have a backbone.

7. Order: Carnivores

Order of Carnivores

Classification of cats based on the order is distinguished by the type of food it consumes.

Cats are included in the order carnivores because they are meat-eating animals. The distinctive aroma of meat always invites cats to eat it.

Generally, cats can find their own food in the wild, but there are also cats that are used as pets and given different special foods.

Types of food that are usually consumed by cats are fish, meat, chicken and so on.

Knowing several cat classifications makes insight and knowledge broader.

This needs to be known as a reference material, in order to get the best consideration for choosing a pet that suits your taste.

Cat Scientific Facts

1. Purring is a sign of a happy cat

Cats are the only animals that can purr. The meaning of a cat’s purr usually is that the cat is happy. But there is another meaning of a cat’s purr: a cat is sick or about to die.

This purr makes the cat feel comfortable and reduces stress. When it comes to giving birth, cats will generally purr.

2. Cats love to massage

We can see from the treatment of a kitten towards its mother, that is, generally a nursing kitten will massage its mother’s stomach.

Maybe it aims to make the milk flow out smoothly. And if the cat massages its owner then it indicates that the cat feels comfortable and safe.

3. Cats have a reflex to straighten their bodies

The cat reflex to straighten the body is unique, because almost all native cat breeds in the world do this.

Maybe what the cat did is that stretching (heating) before he jumped and fell.

Cats can stretch their bodies very comfortably and straight, that’s because cats have a functional collarbone and a flexible backbone.

Usually this ability occurs when the cat is 3-4 weeks old and will be complete at 7 weeks of age.

4. Muscle function in cat skin

Cats have muscles in their skin and they act as protection against bacterial eggs.

Cat muscles are very sensitive to human touch. On the tongue, there is a small part that functions to clean the skin and can make hair die automatically from the body.

For this reason, cats often lick their own bodies, that means they are wash up. There are also studies that say that there are no microbes and germs found in cats. That’s all.