Angora cats are categorized as beautiful cats, so it is not surprising that the price of Angora cats is quite expensive.

Angora cat is a cat that is very well known in parts of the world because the race is formed naturally, aka there is no human intervention.

This cat has a characteristic blue eye. And most of the fur is white.

In his own home country, namely Turkey, this cat is the pride of his country.

This cat at first glance looks like a ballerina that has a life span of up to 13 years and weighs up to five kilograms.

Apart from its charming beauty, this cat is also very intelligent and able to adapt to other pets such as dogs.

And some members even have the ability to open a tap or a drawer! Isn’t that funny?

Angora cat types

Before buying an Angora cat, you also need to know the types of this Angora cat, namely:

1. Anggora x Anggora

the original Angora cat

For you cat lovers, you are definitely looking for a real Angora cat.

This is because the original Angora has unchanging coat color (generally pure white), with its long face shape, sharp nose, and long bones.

However, getting this real cat is not easy and has a very expensive price.

If you want to keep Angora cats, then we recommend keeping them when they are only 3 months old.

You only need to prepare 3 million rupiah for cats that have not been vaccinated and a budget of 7 million rupiah for cats that have been vaccinated.

For cats around 6 months old or adult Angora cats, the price offered will be 2 times greater, which is around 8-9 million for those that have not been vaccinated and 12 million for cats that have been vaccinated.

2. Anggora x Persia

Angora and Persian cats

Cross-breeding between two Angora cats and Persian cats will produce unique offspring.

Where the results of this crossbreeding will generally have beautiful hair and eyes like the Angora cat.

However, what distinguishes it is that this type has the shape of a face and nose that follows the round Persian race.

There is also a Jensi that is not thin and long like the original Angora cat, but resembles Persian, which is round and hairy.

The money you have to spend to get a mixed breed of these two types of cats is not as fantastic as the original Angora cat.

For breeds that are 3 months old or for cats that have not been vaccinated, you only need to prepare 600 thousand to 700 thousand.

As for cats that have been vaccinated, you only need to prepare a budget of around 900 thousand to 1.1 million rupiah.

Usually for members who are more than 6 months old, the size will be bigger. And you need to prepare a budget of around 1.5-2.5 million rupiah for a cat that has been vaccinated.

This cross-breeding cat between Persian and Angora is quite popular for cat lovers.

Because this cat has its own uniqueness, and has a price that can be said to be still affordable when we compare it to the original Angora.

3. Anggora x Kampung

Kampura village cat

And the last is the type of cat that is mated with a village cat.

This cat is also much hunted by cat lovers because it has a very affordable price.

Where the price for the type of Angora is compared to the original type or for the Persian mixed member.

Its general form is to have a bone structure and fur that resembles a village cat, but has a face and eye shape similar to the original Angora cat.

You also only need to prepare a budget of 200 thousand to 400 thousand so that you can get members who are still 3 months old for those who have not been vaccinated or those who have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, for those aged 6 months, the price is around 600 thousand rupiah and has been vaccinated.

Angora Cat Price List

Here’s a list of the latest Angora cat prices:

Cat BreedsAgePrice
Angora Cat Mixed Village11 monthsIDR 350,000
Angora cat male kitten3 monthsIDR 500,000
Angora Cat Puppies3 monthsIDR 450,000
Little Angora cat2 monthsIDR 700,000
Cheap Angora Cats 20164-5 MonthsIDR 600,000
Small Angora and Persian Cats9 monthsIDR 2,500,000
Cheapest Angora Peaknose Cat6 monthsRp1,500,000
White Angora cat2.5 monthsIDR 400,000
Adult Angora cat9 monthsIDR 900,000
Male Medium Angora cat1 yearIDR 650,000
Angora Cat Puppies Mix Black Female Himalayan2.5 monthsIDR 300,000
A Pair of Angora Cats3.5 MonthsIDR 900,000
The Angora Odd Eye cat2 monthsRp1,500,000
The original female Angora cat1 yearRp1,500,000
The Angora Shorthair cat1.5 monthsIDR 550,000
Angora Cat Mix Dome4 monthsIDR 300,000
Angora Gray Brown Cat7 monthsIDR 600,000
The female calico cat6 monthsIDR 750,000
Anggora Kitten Mix Domestic cat3 monthsRp150,000
Angora Cat Grant3 monthsIDR 500,000
Bugel Tailed Female Angora Cat6 monthsIDR 400,000

That is the review of the Angora cat, hopefully it can add information for you guys.