Pestxi is a place for sharing about pets or other animals topics, users can make friends, create groups, make posts, and share the moments and cuteness of their pets. Users can also get useful information and help to raise animals.

Petsxi also provides comments and discussion sections for users, so users can help each other. Petsxi is always trying to provide the best service for users, we always update or add new features to ensure our services can help many people.

Petsxi was founded by Diky Alvian on July 5, 2020. “Petsxi was founded with extraordinary prayer and purpose. the goal is to be able to help as many people in the world as possible. and be a service that can bring good to humans, animals, and nature. “

On this website, you can find a lot of useful information about care, guidance, knowledge, and other information about animals. On this website, you can also find space to communicate with each other between users. You can ask questions or provide solutions to other users’ problems.
Users can also make pet-themed posts, stories, or other information that is useful for pet owners.


Mailing Address:
Petsxi / Alvian
Bogorejo, Blora, 58262. Indonesia
Contact Email: Phone: +6281336650277



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